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by Divinity Roxx
09 June 2015

Pledge Music Campaign Launch

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Welcome to my Pledge Music Campaign where we partner with you and our friends over at Pledge Music to collaborate on the next Divinity Roxx and Friends music project and tour. We’ve already begun the process of recording the next music project and we have some shows lined up in the US and Europe so we thought hey, we should invite our friends and fans to join us in this launch by offering some cool and quirky items and interactions through pledging to support the project with an opportunity to pre-order the album all while supporting our efforts to get it done and get it out to you. We have some really cool items for you to pledge on and each person who makes a pledge will have exclusive access to new recordings, videos, and photos of the process to get this next project out to the world. From backstage passes to in-studio visits to the bass I played on the Beyonce I AM Tour, all these items are available to you if you make your way over to our Pledge Music Campaign. In return we use the capital generated from the pledges to finish the album, mix and master the recordings and hit the road to bring you more of what its all about, inspiration through music and live shows.


Pre Oder the next project now.

Check out the video below, made especially for you with more info on the ImPossible Project and how a portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association, an organization near and dear to my heart. Hope to see you inside our portal of exclusives soon.



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