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by Divinity Roxx
12 June 2015

Triple Bass Treat Post 3: The “Stolen” Van

Yeah, so the title says it all. Though I am once again sitting in the back of the van writing my road journal, today lends itself to have a very special entry because today has been like no other day on the Triple Bass Treat Tour and we are all very happy to be leaving Vienna. There will probably be multiple stories about what really happened on this day but this is my story and I’m sticking to it. Let me set the scene.

We meet downstairs for breakfast as usual in the bright open lobby of the hotel. As Ove and I are standing at the counter deciding what to do with my luggage, our young and may I add, very young and handsome driver Emmanuel comes down dressed in all black, shorts, t-shirt and a fitted plain baseball cap ever so rested, ready and eager to drive the cargo van full of amps, basses and gear to the next city. It’s a big day. Today we head over to his hometown, Dresden where we’re sure to see many of his friends and family and play to our largest crowd yet according to number of people already signed up to experience the ‘Triple Bass Treat’. They’re even setting up a stage outside from my understanding, so you can imagine the excitement in the ‘lil homie’, as I have recently dubbed him.

Breakfast was quick, me gulping down 4 carrot, apple, and ginger juices from the industrial juicer offered as part of the regular European buffet style breakfast, ignoring the usual stares and curious onlookers who’ve probably never seen anybody who looks like me. I sit with Emmanuel who’s playfully preparing four huge bread rolls for his drive, dressing each of them love and care, carefully laying down salami and cheese atop the carefully split rolls and talking his way thru the process in a playfully kiddy cadence as Ove and I giggle at his performance. He wraps them in foil and tosses them in his bag and we say our good-byes and Ove and I gulp down a couple more of those tasty juices. Why the glasses are so small is beyond me. I could’ve had one juice but the 4 oz glasses provided require me to make multiple juices just to get my juice fix on. Its tough being a vegetarian on the road in Europe, oftentimes the only option I have for food is bread and cheese. That gets old. Okay, I digress.

Stu is already at the van when Ove and I stroll up to the swank all black cruiser decked out with leather seats, a 32 inch wide screen and plenty of comfort for long trips. The outside of the van is wrapped in a green and black Framus guitar on one side and the traditional Warwick logo on the other, so everyone knows who we’re reppin’ when we pull up. We pile in and start getting comfortable enough to take this six hour drive to play Dresden when the phone rings and all I hear is Ove shout out “Shizer!” We all now what that means. He hangs up the phone and the look on his face is as though he’s seen a ghost. Stu and I both ask “What happened man?” and all he says is, “The van was stolen.” The van he’s referring to is the van Emmanuel is driving, the one with all the amps and about 8 Warwick display basses including the rest of our gear. Stu and I both scream out “What!” “No Way!” “Can’t be possible!” He tells us that Emmanuel is in the lot where the van was parked and the van is gone. Imagine the look on his face when he discovered the van wasn’t where he parked it…
If you want to know what happens next, watch the video below. The whole story is there and you won’t believe what happened next…


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