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People have asked me for years if I offer bass guitar lessons, and because of my hectic touring schedule I’ve had to turn quite a few people down. Not to mention, being a little nervous about what on Earth I was able to offer anybody on bass. Even my dad encouraged me to give bass lessons, but I continued to resist the idea. I actually do love teaching, and I do love the bass guitar. I’ve loved it from the moment I picked it up in college and started teaching myself bass lines from my favorite songs. That love also prompted me to study the bass, and to study music, music theory, scales, and why it all works together.

After much consideration, I’m opening myself up to sharing what I’ve learned with people who, like me, simply loved the bass from the moment they picked it up. Are you new to the bass guitar? Not sure where to start? Have you been playing for a while and want to groove a little harder, understand why some notes work and others not so much? Well, I think I may be able to help you a bit with those things.
I’m now taking new bass students. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or on another continent, I will give you a personal bass lesson. We can also work via Skype or in person (if you’re in LA.)
Whether you’ve just picked up the bass, have been playing for a short while, or want to simply improve your playing, the following packages are being offered to new and intermediate students of the bass guitar for a limited time. Each package comes with a 15-minute consult so I can get an idea of where you are in your playing and where you want to be.

I guarantee that if you actually do the work, you will see results.

  • One 60-minute lesson $100.00
  • Three 60-minute lessons  $275.00
  • Five 60-minute lessons  $449.00

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Payments are made via PayPal, (acct name: admin@iroxxent.com).
Please contact basslessons@divinityroxx.com to schedule your lesson.

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“Rebel” Bass Lessons 1 and 2 by Divinity Roxx

“Rebel” Bass Lessons 1 and 2 by Divinity Roxx

Learn How to Play Rebel by Divinity Roxx