It was really cool to be offered the June cover of Hip Rock Magazine. Daniel was awesome and asked some really weird but interesting questions. Had a blast during the interview and I hope you have a blast reading it! -divi

Divinity Roxx Cover of Hip Rock Magazine June 2013 Interview by Daniel C. Morrison

Divinity Roxx Cover of Hip Rock Magazine plus Interview June 2013

I am pleased to bring you cover artist, Divinity Roxx who is one well rounded individual. She slings bass, raps and just goes crazy in the most fun of ways! Currently, she has an EP, ‘The Roxx Boxx Experience’ where she stars as bass,emcee, lead vox, and producer. But put a pause on “damn!” For a moment. You’re going to love this.
She was bassist for Beyonce from 2006-2011, toured with Victor Wooten (bass vocals). recorded with Will.I.Am and Fergie and so much more. All this because she tore her achilles tendon during her ball playing days.
This chic is so…

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Daniel C. Morrison
Hip Rock Magazine