Divinity Roxx@diviroxx 24hr journey to Singapore tweets…

Singapore are you ready!!??

27 Nov Divinity Roxx

Wish I could beam myself to Singapore cuz it’s about to be a loooong ride but Imma rack up on these #skymiles #backtothefuture

7am standing in the airport, “Are u Divinity, can I get a pic with you?” “Sure!” Oh Boi! Early morn airport swag, NOT HOTT but #blessed 😉

Divinity Roxx@diviroxx It’s waaaay too early to even be smelling Jack Daniels this morn but the guy in front of me is already on his third cup…. #faded

Alright! Here comes the looking flight! See u in the future #Blackjacks pic.twitter.com/6GYKUBuG

Right before the flight on Facebook:
14 hours ago via mobile

Sitting in the Tokyo airport waiting for my Singapore flight…#skymiles for days! — at Delta Sky Club Lounge Narita, Japan.

I’m here:
Divinity Roxx@diviroxx Good Morning Singapore! Great to see YOU on this day! #givethanx pic.twitter.com/9BMR09zF