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The funny thing about giving an interview is that you never know what mind set you’re in when you give it until you listen to it. That’s true about everything you do as an artist. Sometimes I listen to some of my songs and can tell exactly where I was in my life by the lyrics I wrote and how I delivered the piece. But it usually takes some time away from it to really be able to appreciate how you’ve grown. I was in a really interesting place when I gave this interview. I was a little bit stressed about what was next for me as an artist. I think I even called in late because I had just woke up. I can hear myself trying to quietly make coffee in the background. I think my favorite part of this conversation is when we talked about my imagination. I can’t believe he asked me about dating! He really threw me off with that one. Nobody ever asks me about dating! It was really personal. I try NOT to be really personal in interviews. I try, however to be honest about my art. Then he asked me about politics. I hadn’t even been paying attention to politics. He played ‘Something More Important’ at the end of this interview and I’m happy he did. I really wish that song had taken off and reached more people.

Anyway, check out the interview. Its funny to listen to my answers and today I probably would have answered some of these questions a little differently, especially the one about the 5 things I can’t live without. I’m glad he finally posted it! I needed to hear it. Honestly, I don’t always go back and listen but after hearing this one I should go back and listen to more of them…

If anyone actually read this post, thanks. -divi

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