diviroxx 5:05am via YouTube on iOS A video from high in the sky…up up and away till next time we hit the road and bring u music, love and great times! youtube.com/watch?v=2iYOyL…


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Divi takes you on a skywalk in Singapore after the last 2NE1 New Evolution 2012 Tour. Reminding us all that ‘it’s all good, no matter what. Remember that.

2NE1 Singapore After Party

Divinity Roxxdiviroxx Divinity Roxx

Last show. On top of the world. #Singapore with 2ne1 @EricJRacy @manualsdrums @daniivory sharon_aguilar instagr.am/p/StyzOPjfl5/

Divinity Roxx Singapore at Night
Divinity Roxxdiviroxx Divinity Roxx 20h
Thanx Singapore! I was here! pic.twitter.com/J6KZcqbi


Eric Racy with Divinity Roxx in Singapore, Singapore.