Divinity Roxx on Bass with K. Michelle Live - Howard Theater in D.C.So, I just took a whirlwind of a ride on bass with a newer artist, K Michelle on the promo run for her new album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart. What a ride it was!

Sometimes you get a call outta the blue from your homie like, “Hey, wanna do this run right quick,” and though its never “right quick” and usually entails cramming a bunch of new music in, you say “Yeah man!” And off you go down the rabbit hole.

This one was fun for me though cuz if you know me and Yung World, (we played together on the B.o.B. gig) he just LOVES him some key bass so I always gotta up my key bass game when I’m playing with him. Everybody in the band is amazing and I love working with them. Luke Aiono is an incredible and creative guitar player and Terrail is a young and upcoming beast of a drummer. I especially like working with Yung World who is a creative MD and keyboard player who I really respect as a leader and MD.

20141207_000948What nobody knows though is that the week before taking this journey with the homies, I was in bed with a 103 degree fever! Yeah man, the flu came down on me so fast after I took a quick trip to ATL to surprise my family for Thanksgiving. Oh man! I was on the verge. I couldn’t even THINK about listening and learning new music, let alone charting any new music. It was all bad. Luckily the day before I was supposed to board a flight I was able to shake the flu, chart out the music and actually¬† start listening intently before hitting the rehearsal studio at SIR in NYC. I did however rock the “SARS MASK” on the red-eye to avoid the possibility of a relapse. Seriously, it was the Flu from HELL.

Rehearsals were sweet and we hit the first show at the legendary Apollo. My first time playing the Apollo actually and I was really excited about the gig, but of course you know whatever can go wrong usually does and BAM! RIGHT BEFORE the curtains opened, my MOOG VOYAGER went kaput. No really, KAPUT, like it just started making weird noises and shut down so all that work I did on learning all those key bass parts which I play on HALF of the songs for the show went straight down the drain. So on stage, during the show, I had to learn AND PLAY key bass parts on bass guitar and I had NOT even THOUGHT about playing those songs on bass guitar before. Of course, the audience didn’t know what I was going through back there. They was jamming the whole time! So, I guess I pulled that off.

Divinity Roxx with K. Michelle on VH1 Morning BuzzNext, we hit VH1 morning buzz which was awesome because the set-up was amazing and the sound was incredible and I got to play some key bass live on the show. We used a DIFFERENT Moog Voyager to say the least. Also, it was super fun for me because the VH1 Morning Buzz show is in the same studio as TRL used to be and I played the very last TRL show with Beyonce years ago. WHAT A PARTY THAT WAS! I got some funny funny stories about that night but I won’t share them here. Just know it was a PARTY and if you were there, its was a party you like to reminisce about!

Divinity Roxx on Bass with K. Michelle Live - Howard Theater in D.C.We left the studio and barely caught our flight to DC to play Howard Theater the same night. The key bass was working, and sounding great and I was able to rock out on that show. That one was fun and went off without a hitch. Well, almost. We took a bus from DC to NY to play Wendy Williams with a 6:15am call time. Yeah, like 6:15 in the morning. Like no sleep till Manhattan and right onto TV. Crazy. But I was in store for another trip down the Beyonce memory lane when I walked into Divinity Roxx on Bass with K. Michelle Live - Wendy Williams Showthe studios and immediately remembered being there before on the Tyra Banks Show with Beyonce. Nostalgia kicked in. Good times. This time I got to play my Warwick Custom 5 String Divinity Infinity, which sounded incredible on TV. I was playing it passive because the lights in the tv studio always create a nasty lil buzz in the amp but switching to passive and turning down the treble knob a bit fixed it and my bass sounded great! Ha! We ALL sounded great, ahem. After that, it started snowing and I was ready to get back to LA FAST but of course the drama was far from over.

We got to the airport and realized our flight was delayed which would cause us to miss our connecting flight which meant we were NOT getting back to LA on time. UGH! BUT we were blessed with an angel at the ticket counter Sonya, who re-booked us from JFK (which meant we had to take a bus from LGA) on an American flight straight to LAX. It worked out. We were happy and I got home with no flu, some good memories and some new experiences. I also made some new friends as K. Michelle has a positive, fun team around her, and THAT is always a pleasure to be around.

Currently getting ready to hit my own European tour.
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Love and Light!