Now we rockin all over the world!

Get Here…
European Club Tour 2012

Join me on my first European Club tour!

The journey started in Detroit for the Black Women Rock Festival headed by Jessica Care Moore.

Then I boarded a plane bound for Frankfurt Germany for the biggest music trade show in Europe, Musik Messe.

Next Stop, Belgium where we bring ‘The Roxx Boxx Experience’ directly to the people.

You may not be in Europe, but I’m gonna make you feel like you were here the whole time.
I’ll be uploading videos and pictures of my travels to my Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Channel, so you won’t miss a beat!

BWR 2012

Black Women Rock is the brainchild of Jessica Care Moore, poet, activist, and community leader. I met and shared the stage with some powerful women including Jessica Care Moore, Joi, Yahzarah, Steffani Chritia’an, Ideeyah and a surprise performance by Julie Dexter. We were backed by the ladies of the Black Women Rock orchestra and they ROCKED! I met some incredible visual artists as well, Marcia Jones and Sabrina Nelson, and reconnected with some old friends. This was a perfect start to my travels and I can’t wait for the next Black Women Rock event!

Warwick Family

Musik Messe 2012: Musik Messe is the largest music trade show in Europe. I get to hang out with some of the most incredible bass players of our time when I come to Frankfurt, and I get to spend some time with my endorser Warwick led by Hans Peter Wilfer. They take really good care of me and build that fine piece of woodwork I get to thump on. Soon we’ll be in production of my signature model Warwick bass. I also get to hang out with the president of DR strings, the company responsible for the snap crackle pop of my bass guitar. I have a couple of other endorsers I get to chop it up with, including TC Electronics. Have you seen the video of my ‘pretty gritty’ bass tone? Its only for the real bass heads!

ROXX in my shoes!


The Miz Mooz boots on the right have traveled all over the world with Beyonce. The ones on the left are headed on their own journey, The Roxx Boxx Experience. I love these boots so much I called Miz Mooz to have them make me a new pair after my first two pair got pretty beat up stompin around the world with Bey. Although they stopped production of this shoe a couple of years ago, they made me not one but three pair. Roxx in my shoes as we go on this journey, Ghetto Rockin all over the world!



Wanna come on tour with me? Be sure to check my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channel to keep up with whats goin on while I’m in Europe. If you know me, you know anything can happen!

Ghetto Rock

Have you heard my new record with Atlanta’s Killa Mike and Hustle Boy? If not, check it out right here. Now we rockin all over the world fa sho!

Get Here Video Shoot

The ‘Get Here’ video is in the final stages of editing and will be available for your viewing pleasure in the next 36 hours. We are so excited because a lot of incredible people came out to make that thang a success. Special shout out to Eric Anderson (Director), Shane Bell (Make-up), Renee Hall (stylist), Tony Estese, Kevin McCartney, and DP Tommy Maddox. Also, special shout out to ‘Thrasher’ on Melrose and especially Cosmo for the dope ass jacket. My “staff” Chad, Juan, and Yani, for looking out for me and making sure I ate, as well as the crew who did all the dirty work. Special shout to the band, Omar, Mike, and Dusty.


The Roxx Boxx Experience is currently being mixed by the incredible Eric Racy!
Finally we will bring an album to you! Its been a long time comin and a lotta hard work but I’m gonna put this record out no matter what, for real for real. Its been a tumultuous journey but I’m relentless!
The album will be available early this summer.
Click on the image to check out and download the sampler.