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Europe Roxx

Sitting in my little spot in Paris watching a Basquiat documentary. Its cold. Drinking Green tea from China. I got it from this Italian film director/actor I met in the airport. I love traveling. Always meeting random people. The world is a canvas. We are the art. We are the artists. The world is our stage. So much Art in Paris. I’ve seen a Van Gough, a Renoir. Lotta street art too. I Love it. I see why artists flock to Paris. Something about the energy here makes you reflect and yearn to express yourself. In the past month I’ve played The Viper Room with my homie Omar Gusmao, The A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, The ‘Get Here’ club tour in Europe, and the Euro Bass Day Live in Verona, Italy.

We dropped ‘The Roxx Boxx Experience’ October 16th and launched a new website. Have you heard it? Have you seen it? Both are pretty fresh!

I’m really happy with the record and I hope you had a chance to download it for free, listen to it and share it with your friends. I appreciate all the comments and shares so far and I hope we can continue to bring awareness of the EP all over the world. I also apprecitae those of you who purchased the EP online and at the shows! Some people even paid double! WOAH! Who does that?!? ROXXTARS That’s WHO!

The European Tour really Rocked! So glad we did it again fellas! This one was even bigger and better than the last. The crowd sang, danced, drank and rocked out with me all night long. I had a couple of long nights. When I’m in Europe I tend to drink a little more, smoke a litle too much of my self-rolled tobacco, sleep longer, and play a little harder than usual, but hey, it is what it is.

I won’t stay away too long this time. I don’t think I can. I’ve got to get back here and record a bit. Feeling all creative and shit. Ready to start writing the next record. Still ready to promote this one a bit more. May be back in February.
It’ll be cold, but you already know, we’re a HOT TICKET on a cold night.

Next up: China and Malaysia with 2NE1. What more can a girl ask for?

Check out my blog to keep up.

Livest Crowd: St Georges RoeselareThe livest crowd had to be the one at St. Georges in Roeselare, Belgium. They came to PAR-TAY!
It was Halloween Night, afterall. Last show of the tour. The crowd danced. They sang. And they rocked. All Night Long! It was definitely love that I was feeling. But I didn’t cry, despite Babl’s prediction that I would. Click on the picture to hear how beautiful they sound.

Shuttershof in Holland

Remi’s (guitar) hometown of Middleburg, NL showed us lotsa love! The venue hosts a slew of great jazz musicians from around the world. Check out the ‘Ghetto Rock’ video where Remi (guitar) gets his Roxx off in front of the home town crowd. I definitely want to play more shows in Holland next year! This one was fun and quite memorable!


Euro ‘Get Here’ Club Tour: Special special thanx to Babl (keys), Patrick (drums) and Remi (guitar) for holding down such great performances during the ‘Get Here’ 2012 Club tour. And of course special love to Roxas for making sure the gear was delivered, set-up, and in working order fro each and every show. Lets do it again soon guys! -divi


The Roxx Boxx Experience: Have you heard the EP yet? You can download it directly from this link if you haven’t. I describe it as Bold. Blatant. Beastly. Lotta talented people helped make this record happen, including Omar Gusmao (guitar), Carlos McSwain (drums), Eric Racy (engineer), and Matt Mcmoots Worden. I’m really happy with it. I hope you are too!

A3C 2012

LIVE: Reel Spotlite TV captured some footage of the show at A3C in ATL. It was great to get back to Atlanta and rock the hometown crowd. Had some dope musicians with me too, including Tomi Martin (guitar), Omar Gusmao (guitar), and Joey (drums) holdin me down. Check it out. It Roxx…of course!

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