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Young Musician Heads off to Bass Camp - Sponsored by Divinity Roxx, Bayside Rythms and British VI - Honourable Minister Walwyn and Hon. Delores Christopher from the Fifth District - Image via Virgin Islands News OnlineYoung Female Bass Player, Thea Cooke Heads off to Victor Wooten Bass Camp

I remember my first Victor Wooten Bass/Nature Camp like it was yesterday. I was full of anticipation, nerves, and an indescribable FEAR! That’s pretty funny now, but I was SCARED! Vic and his camp changed my life. I think I can say that everyone who experiences Vic’s camps feel that way.

I’m honored to be a part of sending this young lady off to the same camp. She [read more]

Divinity Roxx Celebrates Release of K-Pop Group 2NE1 Global Live CD; Announcing New Solo Album, iRoxx Apparel and More


2012 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR LIVE CD  NEW EVOLUTION IN SEOUL“The opportunity to work for and interact with such talented and diverse artists has been an incredible learning and growing experience. The new record will reflect that growth and the international influence.”

Source: Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Since the release of her solo debut EP The Roxx Boxx Experience in October, musician Divinity Roxx has been traveling throughout Europe and Asia, performing her own work, and acting as Musical Director for K-Pop supergroup 2NE1.

Divinity Roxx Kpop and Jazz 2012This week, Divinity Roxx is celebrating the release of 2NE1’s new Global Tour Live [New Evolution in Seoul] album, which she also contributed to, and the success of yet another leg of the popular girl group’s world tour.

This holiday season, Divinity also appears on Grammy-winning jazz musician Victor Wooten’s latest project Sword and Stone, and has a new album of her own in the works. To the delight of her loyal fans, Divinity Roxx will be launching her iRoxx Apparel line in 2013, and is performing tours in Europe, the Virgin Islands, and the United States.

“I love connecting with the fans around the world,” Divinity says. “The enthusiasm encourages me to keep pushing out my original music, and to give the people what they are craving: more authenticity, more musicianship, and more originality. Art! That’s exactly what I intend to keep bringing.”

Throughout the past six years, Divinity Roxx has performed around the world as Musical Director and contributing artist for both Beyoncé and 2NE1. With the release of The Roxx Boxx Experience EP in 2012, Divinity was able to display her vast musical talent and lyrical abilities in a new light. Her eclectic mash-up of Rock, Hip Hop, Punk and Soul offers music fans elements of both classic and new-age sounds, with a dynamic performance aspect rivaled by few.

Divinity’s full-length album and new visuals will deliver more of her trademark intensity, while drawing from her unique collaborative efforts.

Divinity Roxx - Roxx Boxx Experience on iTunes“The opportunity to work for and interact with such talented and diverse artists has been an incredible learning and growing experience,” explains Divinity. “The new record will reflect that growth and the international influence. I think it’ll be more personal, more bass influenced, and more raw.”

For more information on Divinity Roxx, go to http://DivinityRoxx.com and find her on Twitter http://Twitter.com/DiviRoxx and on Facebook http://Facebook.com/DivinityRoxx

Divinity Roxx Sets Off The Roxx Boxx Experience EP

PRWeb – Mon, Sep 24, 2012

Hip Hop/Rock solo project from bassist, accomplished Musical Director for Beyoncé, 2NE1 and more.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

From acting as musical director for world-renowned stars like Beyoncé and South Korean K-Pop group 2NE1, to recording with hit magnet Will.I.Am and respected musician Victor Wooten, Divinity Roxx has made her mark in the music business.

Now, the Atlanta, Georgia native is ready to set her already accomplished legacy in stone with her solo debut.

On October 16, 2012, Divinity Roxx will release her first EP, The Roxx Boxx Experience via her own iRoxx Entertainment. The seven-track original project includes appearances from funk legend Bootsy Collins and Southern rap veteran Killer Mike, all graced by Divinity’s unique brand of musicianship and lyrical firepower.

Although she is currently touring in Japan with 2NE1, Divinity Roxx will travel to New York in early October for some special appearances, followed by more dates in Europe and Asia.

Much like Divinity’s live performances, The Roxx Boxx Experience EP is the ultimate mash-up of hip-hop and rock – blatant, boisterous and unconventional.

“I like that my album doesn’t sound like anything else we put it up against,” Divinity explains. “I like that it is honest; it is bold. It is edgy and hard! Any good art expresses itself beyond itself. This mashing up of rock and hip hop allows me to do just that, express the epitome of myself, the whole of myself, the musician and the writer, the performer and the artist.”

Although picking favorite songs is never easy for an artist, Divinity feels that a couple of tracks on Roxx Boxx will stand out to listeners.

“‘Get Yo Fix’ is about the beginnings of me, and what made me who I am. I like the honesty on that song,” Divinity asserts. ‘Snap’ features Bootsy Collins, and is a throwback to straight emceeing. It’s another take on my story, in a more blatant and unforgiving way. It’s the evolution of me and who I am, and an ode to all the obstacles and people who made me feel like my art was meaningless.

“Meanwhile, ‘Get Here’ is deeply personal, but also global since the words could affect so many people. There’s something to be said about being a Black woman from the South who was raised economically poor, but vastly wealthy in matters of love and ideals. Something about this song expresses that for me.”

While she has put the range of fierce heart to fragile emotions into the songwriting on The Roxx Boxx Experience, Divinity has very simple hopes for the way fans relate to her.

“The only thing I want people to know at this point in my career is that I am here. I am bold. I am unapologetic. I have lived an amazing story, and it’s all true. I want to encourage people to live their story and inspire people to continue to move forward, move beyond, explore, and seek more. This EP is truly a personal expression of all that I am at this point in my life. It’s not merely an album, it’s a testament to the journey. It’s a non-fiction piece set to music. It’s my story.”

Listen to “Ghetto Rock” ft. Killer Mike http://soundcloud.com/divinity-roxx/ghetto-rock-ft-killa-mike

Watch the “Get Here” video teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7bBE8KcA3k

For more information on Divinity Roxx, go to http://DivinityRoxx.com

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