Divinity Roxx Nashville The Wake Up Tour with 2Krunk and the BandWhat more can be said about the great Victor Wooten that hasn’t already been said?
He is as incredible as you’ve heard on bass but he is also one of the most incredible
people I know in the world. We were invited to play his Bass/Nature Camp in
Nashville and had an unforgettable experience. Wish we could have stayed and
enjoyed the rest of camp, but we had to hit the road and get the guys back to the
A for gigs. 2Krunka nd J Bake ept us safe and sound in the RV and drove ll the way
there and back. What an amazing group of guys I’m traveling with. I couldn’t have
asked for a more talented and genuine group of musicians to share this experience

Much love to 2Krunk and the band, J Bake (Drums), Slim (Keys/Bass) and Markeith
(Guitar). Rock On, Fellas. Rock On.


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