Wango Tango B.o.B. in LA with Divinity Roxx on BassWoke up at 7am after going to bed really late and everything was going wrong. Logic kept crashing as I was attempting to practice the songs and pull up some synth bass sounds. I couldn’t burn a CD so I could listen to the songs on the way to the venue. (Long story about why I needed a CD and couldn’t use my ipod.) Left home really late. Walk onto the stage around 11:45. Sound check is at 12 noon. Plugged in my bass, set up the computer and Axiom 49 keyboard to control the synth bass sounds and BAM, my computer is not compatible with the Axiom 49 (2nd generation) keyboard we have on stage. UGH!! I download new drivers while soundcheck is going and STILL can’t get it to work. Not to mention that I STILL don’t really KNOW the songs! UGH! I’m frustrated, annoyed, thinking that this is the day I go down in flames but determined not to do so. Well, we get through soundcheck with me fumbling my way thru the tunes, still without a proper bass synth sound. Ok. Soundcheck over. Vibe really weird. I decide to stay at the venue while everyone goes to the hotel. Perfect. Dressing room all to myself to learn the tunes, make proper notes, and fix the bass synth stuff. Get it working. Cool, showtime. Bring the computer and Axiom back on stage. Stand-by. 1 minute till show starts. Computer freezes. UGH! Shutdown. Restart. 30 seconds. Bam, it’s up. Synths are working. Loud. Stage rotates and we’re in it. I know the songs. I’m playing them and feeling good. Crowd is rocking. Band is locking. Show done. Whew! Pulled it off. Give Thanx. Drive home and Knock. Out..

Check out these photos from the show: Wango Tango B.o.B. in LA with Divinity Roxx on Bass